2 Ridiculously Simple Steps to Choosing Brand Colors (That Only Take 1 Hour!)

Is it possible you have been blocking the flow of abundance into your business by delaying branding decisions?

Selecting colors to represent your brand doesn’t need to be a daunting task. Stop procrastibranding and start producing so you can begin creating and earning


Set aside one hour (use a timer to keep yourself accountable) to easily choose a color palette in alignment with your brand and cross branding off your list. 

1. Find a photo that resonates 

  • 15 minutes
    Imagine your client interacting with your website or product. Write down three words associated with the feelings they experience.

  • 25 minutes
    Look through images online of photos that align with the emotions you identified your brand evoking. Unsplash has many beautiful photos. Collect three to five in total.
  • 5 minutes
    Decide on the one you are most drawn to.

2. Select those colors

  • 15 minutes
    Upload your photo to a site like coloors.co and create your palette 
  • Note the hex codes and use them as part of your branding. When using a color wheel/tool, look for the # box and input the color codes. 

Bonus Tip: If there is a website you admire, you can use Chrome extensions to identify its colors and fonts.

Remember, this is not the most important part of your business. Remain open to the possibility of making changes later and release yourself from having to choose the perfect palette.

Consider it your MVP (minimum viable product) and make a swift decision.

Once you have done it, you will have freed your mind by creating the mental space to focus on what matters.

Brand like a boss so you can finally move on.

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