7 Inspiring Women Who Will Align You With Your Abundance

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What are you allowing into your mind? What are the thoughts and self talk on replay? Is the content you're consuming serving your highest good and affirming your innate value?

Do the people you choose to spend time with reconnect you with your abundant power in support of your wild success?  


Make these women part of your daily routine and you won't be able to contain the bubbling up of "I had forgotten who I was, but now I'm back and am fully assured I can take on the world!" 

Empowered women empower women.

Each woman has her own style yet all have a way of reconnecting you with the truth of your enoughness.  

Each will challenge you to reach the breadth and depth of your full potential. 

For when you need some big sister, best friend talk to remind you all you're capable of.

Bring it.

1. Marissa Peer

You may want to make Marissa your first stop for two reasons: 

#1 She has the most hypnotizing voice.

#2 With her soothing words and gentle approach, she simplifies what is at the root of what's blocking your abundance—your feeling you are not enough and how the impact your words have in shaping your reality.

You can hear her speak on Youtube or purchase her book.

2. Dr. Tererai Trent

Prepare your soul to be stirred. 

This woman's incredible story coupled with her deeply resonating advice will call forth what you did not know you had within you.

You'll realize you've been playing small and will begin to feel alive once again.

Her book should be at the top of your list for it is one of the most inspirational and  potentially life changing.  The title says it all: The Awakened Woman: Remembering & Reigniting Our Sacred Dreams. Get it here.

3. Denise-Duffield Thomas

Denise is a self-made millionaire who opened my eyes to the scarcity versus abundance mindset.

In Get Rich Lucky Bitch (audio here), she speaks to the various ingrained limiting beliefs responsible for blocking your abundance and teaches you how to stop self sabotaging behavior so that money can flow to you freely. 

I also highly recommend Chillpreneur if you're the type of woman who wants to have a thriving business without the hustle and grind.

After spending some time with Denise, you'll realize there is (a lot) of wealth available to you.

More importantly, it doesn't have to be hard to step into your abundance. 

4. Tonya Leigh

Tonya is living proof you can redefine yourself.

She made the decision to start french kissing life and in the process, has become a modern icon with the utmost elegance and grace. 

She's building an empire of women who are rediscovering their femininity and taking back their power in the process.

Her podcast is a virtual glass of champagne for your soul. Truly a can't miss.

5. Gabrielle Bernstein

Gabby is my spirit animal and may soon become yours, too.

Specifically her Audible original, Super Attractor walks you through how to shift into intentionality by training your brain and aligning your energy.

If you're ready to stop pushing and start allowing, Gabby is your girl.

With her tools, you'll feel empowered to manifest anything you want.

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” 

— Oprah Winfrey

6. Mel Robbins

For a swift (but encouraging) kick in the butt.

Mel is the no non-sense, cut to the chase kind of woman.

She'll remind you to trade your excuses in favor of taking ownership of your choices and take control of your life. 

7. Marie Forleo

You may have heard of her?

Her book Everything is Figureoutable is filled with the big sister you never had wisdom.

You'll finish it armed with loads of practical advice on how to make things happen. 


Bringing it all together

You'll feel like you are on the highest high after spending time with these women.

Don't let it end there. Make a commitment to practice their lessons daily until it becomes familiar.

This phase is the "acting as if" piece of manifestation. Get ready to start becoming

Take the inspired action and watch your life transform. 

Who run the world?



For even more inspiration, visit the Women of Impact Youtube channel or podcast where you'll find a wealth of women who are living their lives on purpose.


Tell me in the comments—is your virtual mentor on the list? If not, tell me who I missed!

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