Remodeling Your Kitchen? Upgrade it Instead.

How to Upgrade or Update Your KitchenThanks for stopping by. I want you to know this post contains affiliate links. That means if you use them to make a purchase, I may earn money from that sale at no additional cost to you. Okay, on to the good stuff!

If you're remodeling (or thinking of remodeling) your kitchen, take advantage of the opportunity to elevate its design and create a kitchen that is modern, functional and beautiful for years to come.

Whether it's your cabinets, island, countertops or backsplash you're updating, incorporating these decor ideas will go a long way in making you feel a little more luxurious in the heart of your home.

    Use the same stone on the backsplash as the countertop

    Choose a simple stone for the countertop and continue it up the wall to the cabinets as your backsplash. White quartz with subtle detail carried up the wall creates a stunning seamless aesthetic and instantly makes a kitchen feel more expensive.

    The key consideration here is avoiding a statement veining or color that, in small doses, looks exciting but at scale will resemble an M.C. Escher painting. Keep in mind using the same stone on the countertops and backsplash means the material will command a lot of visual attention.

    Add waterfall legs to your island

    Islands and waterfalls? Waterfalls and islands? Yes, please. This is an investment worth considering if you are looking to add a beautiful focal point when entering the space.  Extending the stone down both sides of the island is striking and certainly elevates the entire room.

    kitchen remodel kitchen upgrade on a budget

    Soft closing cabinet doors and drawers

    When it comes to cabinets, this is one of those things you didn't know you needed until you experience it. There is something liberating about the feel and functionality of the smooth, quiet closing of cabinet doors. Trust me on this one, there's no going back.

    Don't underestimate the knobs and pulls

    Hardware is oftentimes an afterthought and an underutilized kitchen design element. Rather than opting for a safe and familiar option, choose to see this step as significant.

    Think of it as the jewelry of your kitchen—how will you bedazzle it?

    Gold and copper finishes will surely add sparkle to an otherwise cookie-cutter white kitchen. Matte black hardware paired with light gray cabinetry adds beautiful contrast that stands out from a sea of chrome finishes.

    kitchen design remodel cabinets hardware backsplash

    Create a concealed plug-in appliance station

    Maintaining clear countertops has a huge impact on the entire aesthetic. Designate a space to conceal any appliances and phones that would otherwise be in view.

    When you have guests over, show off that gorgeous stone and hide anything that is on your countertops. The fewer items on the counters, the more high-end the kitchen will look and feel.

    Get some kitchen towels

    Yes, really. In similar keep countertops clear spirit, a drying rack sitting out will visually bombard your line of sight and detract from the otherwise clean design. Keep several towels on hand so that you can dry and put away your dishes. Opt for towels that are super absorbent and aren't ugly.

    Choose a motion censored faucet

    A practical luxury that will make you feel a bit more super-human. 

    kitchen remodel kitchen design kitchen island kitchen cabinetry kitchen ideas 

    Trash-pull out

    Can we agree it's best if your trash and recycling are hidden? Place it in your island so that you can easily wipe messes away when prepping a meal. You'll gain the convenience of something that adds ease to your day and won't have trashcans in view detracting from the design. Game changer.

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    Bringing it all together

    A kitchen remodel done intentionally can inject some much-needed style into one of the most important rooms in your home. Allocate your renovation budget to one or some of these design ideas and bring the modern kitchen of your dreams to life.

    • Keep the aesthetic clean with a continuous material on your countertops and backsplash
    • Add a waterfall edge to both sides of the island for one sexy kitchen island
    • Designate a place to hide all of the appliances, phones, and cords
    • Ditch the drying rack and stock up on kitchen towels
    • Splurge for a motion censored faucet
    • Conceal the trash


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