Coronavirus Health & Wellness Affirmations

There's something going around. You may have heard—the Coronavirus has spread worldwide and continues to gain traction. 

More concerning than the actual pandemic itself is the sudden and global fear, panic and lack it has triggered.

This shock wave of response has instilled a collective sense of helplessness and anxiety as life as we know it has suddenly and drastically been disrupted.

Children have stopped going to school, businesses are closing, the healthcare system is overloaded, and most importantly, people are being driven apart.

Ironically, the heightened stress is weakening the very thing we need in this fragile time—our immunity.

In essence, this event has brought to light the ever-present scarcity mindset.

Look around and you will see it in society and in the eyes of others—not enough health, not enough resilience, not enough help, not enough toilet paper.

While it can be disheartening to see all of the opportunity in the way of governmental support and response, this is not within your immediate circle of control.

What is in your control is your response.

Your children who are also surrounded by all the chaos, are looking to you, and you have a choice.

You can choose to shift your attention from the lack and instead, focus on the positive thoughts and facts. There is good news, you just have to look for it. 

Here are some excellent additional resources to enable you:



Spend quality time with your family, being fully present and engaged and not overtaken by worrisome thoughts.

See the unexpected additional time together as a blessing rather than an inconvenience.

Commit to not talking about the news.

Go outdoors, cook healthy meals together, play games with one another and create the art project you have been putting off.

Rather than being overtaken by the pull of negativity, let this be a reminder to see all of the abundance around you and in your life.

Where focus goes, energy flows. Your mindset greatly impacts your health and wellness.

Choose positive thoughts by repeating the health and wellness affirmations below. Listen to similar supportive content on Youtube.


I am well

I am now healed

I am in perfect health

My body is powerful

My body is filled with healing energy

My body grows stronger every day

Every cell in my body is thriving

I am filled with strength

Every cell in my body vibrates with energy and health

All of my body systems are functioning perfectly

I feel better and better every day

With every breath I release stress from my body

I trust in my body's ability to heal itself

I am a magnet for health

Health flows abundantly into my life

I am resilient

I am grateful for my body's ability to heal

I release any resistance to healing

I choose health today and every day

I am strong

I am thriving

My subconscious mind is aligned with my healing

My natural state is wellness

My mind and body are in perfect health

I let go of any blocks and welcome healing in

I am whole

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