How to Create Video Pins in Minutes: Stunning Pins that Convert (in 5 Simple Steps)

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Think back to when you last scrolled Pinterest.

What made you pause and click on a particular pin?

Was it the beautiful flat lay background image?

The bold and attention grabbing text? The eloquently crafted headline promising an urgent and effective solution to your specific problem?

Chances are, it was a careful combination cocktail of all of the above.

The thing is—as people are becoming experts in creating pins that check off all the right boxes, it's becoming increasingly more difficult to create the pin that ✨captivates✨.

With the collective raised bar and mere seconds to win someone over with your pin, the question becomes how can you play the game?

Rather, how can you level-up your pin game in order to have the most swoon worthy scroll stopping pins (likely, you know from the title, but...humor me) ?

The answer is


Rejoice! Pinterest has introduced video pins! This opens up (hit it, Jasmin and Aladdin) a whole new world of opportunity.

"Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle."

— Abraham Lincoln

Let's get on with how to create them so that you can ride the wave in a sea of pins and start profiting from your newfound knowledge before they blow up.

Shall we?

Step 1: Storm your brain

Why are you making your pin? What piece of content do you want to promote?

Get clear with the vision for the experience you want to craft and the specific emotional response you want the pin to trigger.

Doing this first will give you a framework to work within when selecting your video.

You'll be more equipped to narrow your selection when you start with a direction in mind. The result will be a highly targeted and effective pin.

Step 2: Choose a resource that makes it easy

Now that you have established some structure around the end goal, 🎵let's get tactical🎵.

If you are ready to play big and skip to the front of the line, you will want to check out Promo.

Prepare to be impressed with the wealth of quality options including—15 million premium HD videos and photos

Explore the library of stunning videos, and you may find yourself overcome with wonder at the ease of finding footage that resonates.

Keep an open mind and consider how you can play with a particular creative. Take note of any that inspire you.



Add several options to your favorites so you can follow best practices of creating multiple pins for a single piece of content to keep things fresh.

Consider what angles you may want to explore in your approach.

For example: Let’s say you want to link to your blog post about how to put processes and systems in place that will make running a business more passive (great idea!).

In this case, the massive appeal of your pin and accompanying content is the promise of ease and time.

With this in mind, think about what type of imagery would connect with the viewer.

Your target audience is an entrepreneur who likely started their business to do what they love, have financial freedom or have more time doing the things they want to do.

How can you leverage this? Connect on an emotional level—look for videos where someone is:

  • Stressed, burned out, overwhelmed. 

    Your copy leading into the blog article title and pitch could read something like: "There are easier ways to make money."
  • Bored, doing busy work—show a person in the monotony of day to day minutia contrasted with a creative director in their zone and in love with their work.

    Your intro copy: "Because you didn’t get into this for your love of admin to-do's."

  • Having fulfilling experiences—picture a montage of women on adventures: sailing on a private yacht, cliff jumping, or strolling Parisian cobblestone streets lined with cafes.

    Or, you could appeal to the relational aspect and find footage of a woman spending quality time with her family: laughing and cuddling with her children or hosting a fabulous al fresco dinner party. 

    Your intro copy: "I’d rather be … <insert text of activity> 

If you prefer a more traditional approach, there are also a variety of flat lay options available (think stationary and product photography). 

As you can tell, the biggest takeaway is leveraging video so that it is effortless for the Pinner to naturally see themselves in the experience.

This works especially well in the cooking/baking niche. 

For example, imagine the response of woman who can envision herself creating a delicious whipped peanut butter and chocolate trifle. 

How much more tempting would your content become versus using an image for the same piece?

Add your photographs of the finished product to the end of the video clip (yes, you can do that in Promo!) and voilà, you have yourself a click-worthy pin.

Now that you know what to search for, keep timing in mind when reviewing your returned search results:

    • Pinterest's permitted pin video length guidelines

    • The limited time you have to spark interest

    • How you might clip the footage to suit your needs
    You'll notice some move faster and are better suited to more effectively capture attention when compared to slower clips that take longer to build momentum.

    Remember, you have seconds to hook a viewer.

      Step 3: Get crafty

      After selecting your video, you'll be able to choose the layout, text and text styles and video length using a simple editor.

      Remember to follow best practices when writing so that your copy is equally compelling and stands up to your video:

      • Easy readability with mobile in mind first (80% of Pinners will be viewing the pin on their phones). Choose your font, text size and text color thoughtfully.

      •  Emotional intro hook (outlined above) followed by...

      • How to/numeric headline (what you see on a static pin: "5 Ways to..") specificity here is key. Finish with..

      • A strong call to action: ask for the viewer to "check out"  "click" or "visit" your website.

      You can further elevate your pin by adding sound. Choose music from a variety of genres, tempos and moods.

      The sound will play when a pin is clicked, driving home your vision from step 1 while creating a multi-sensory experience for the viewer.

      “Innovation is change that unlocks new value.”

      — Jamie Notter

      Step 4: Save your glorious work of art and upload it to Pinterest

      Keep SEO best practices in mind to further prime your pin for success:

      • Download your finished product from Promo and be sure to use SEO friendly words when naming and saving your file.

      • Add the appropriate URL linking to your intended website page. It should be to the specific post and not the blog homepage so that the Pinner lands where they expect.
      • Create a title and description that is optimized for SEO—use keywords people search that would position your content as the solution to their problem.

      Once your video is reviewed and approved, you'll be notified of your live content.

      Step 5: Know thy numbers

      Check out the pin stats to see the effectiveness of a particular video pin and compare these performance metrics to the other versions you created.

      Once you find what works, create similar videos for your existing and new content. Rinse, pin and repeat. 

      Bonus tip:

      Canva also offers video options as well as fun and surprisingly delightful animations.

      Where to find videos and animations in Canva: 

      • Search > Pinterest Video
      • Blank Pin > Videos
      • Elements > Search for "animate"



      Bringing it all together

      Get your pins moving and you may just find your analytics moving in the right direction.

      Once you explore what's possible, it is easy to see static pins won't be able to compete with your upgraded video and animation pins.

      Best of all, Pinners won't be able to resist your video pins.

      Now go take inspired action. You can get access now to Promo content. Just sign up with your email and create your first video to see if you like it. 

      When you're ready to start using what you create, you'll have the option to join Promo on a monthly or annual basis.  Click here to get started!

      I'd love to see your motion pins. Post a comment with a link of your favorite once you've pinned it.

      If you found this valuable, please pin and share the post and follow me on Pinterest.

      You are a high value woman with something of value to contribute.

      p.s. If you need additional insight into choosing the best footage, Promo has fantastic blog content to help you through the process. 


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