7 Budget Friendly Ways to Make Your Home Look Expensive: DIY Decor Tips for Luxury Feels

Make any room in your house look more expensive while staying on budget. Style your home with intention and attention to a few key details to feel rich in your own space.

Your environment has a profound impact on your state of mind. When you design a space that is in alignment with your high-value energy without the high price tag, you will feel more at home. 

How do you achieve an inexpensive luxe look?

Learn to practice thoughtful purchasing and choose quality over quantity.

Create an outer world that is a reflection of your inner high-value identity by training your mind to recognize decor that feels luxurious.

As you develop your aesthetic, your space will look more expensive and you will start to feel more abundant.

.How to make your home look expensive on a budget

"The act of decorating is essentially to put thought and energy into creating a pretty room. In a well decorated room things look considered. There is a sense of intentionality."

—Maria Killam

Choose Reflective Surfaces

If you are looking to easily and significantly transform a room, look to mirrors.

Placed strategically with lighting in mind, mirrors will upgrade your space by making it feel noticeably larger and brighter.

Keep these tips in mind and create the illusion of a bigger space:

Tip 1:

Pay attention to the frame. Beautifully framed mirrors can serve as a piece of art.

Tip 2:

Go BIG! The scale of your mirrors is key in creating a dramatic difference. Choose those that are l-a-r-g-e. Add an oversized leaning mirror in your bedroom for high impact.

Tip 3:

Get creative. Hang a floor-length mirror in a hallway, place one on your mantle or create a collage of mirrors for a stunning entryway statement.

For even more glamour, don't stop there. When shopping for your decor, select items with mirrored or reflective surfaces. Think picture frames, lamps and trays.

    Invest in Fresh Flowers

    There is something about having fresh flowers in your home that changes the entire mood of your space.

    Consider placing a beautiful bouquet or a single flower in a dainty vase in the following places around your home:

      • In an entryway—nothing says welcome home (or welcome to our home) like being greeted by fresh flowers . The energy upon entering and leaving will be of life and abundance.

      • On the dining tablewherever you gather to eat whether it's the dining table or kitchen island, flowers will upgrade the experience of togetherness.

      • On the nightstand next to your bedset the mood for your day when you first wake up and let it be the last thing you see as you reflect on your day during your gratitude practice.

      • In the guest room—this small thoughtful gesture will make your guests feel pampered and significant.

    Make your house look expensive


    House plants (picture a lush large palm in a corner or a cascading hanging plant in the kitchen) and even beautiful faux flowers will add the botanical element and make your space smile.

    Opt for Plush 

    Say yes to luxurious feeling fabrics.

    Look for textiles that are soft to the touch—bath mats, blankets and throws in faux fur will make you feel oh so rich.

    Add decorative plush pillows or if you're feeling brave, furniture pieces in velvet.

      Curate a Cohesive Palette

      Start with classic and timeless colors.

          Choose neutral base colors for decor pieces that command the most visual attention such as furniture and bedding and layer color accents.
              • Consider using a single neutral paint color for the majority of your home or opting for a very light color.

                This creates uniformity from room to room and make the space feel more cohesive and expansive.

                The natural palette also makes for an excellent foundation to build upon. 

              • Add depth and personality by choosing decor pieces in a handful of colors.

                Gem tone colors (sapphire blue, ruby red, amethyst purple, citrine yellow, and emerald green) exude luxury. Use patterns sparingly.

              • Embrace the dark side. Don't be afraid to try an accent wall or piece in deep rich colors like dark navy, eggplant or black.

                The contrast against  light tones is striking and feels high-end.

              Make your house look expensive on a budget

              Art that Aligns 

              Artwork, artwork, artwork.

              As with the mirrors, go for BIG where there is an opportunity. One large scale piece of art makes for a commanding focal point and adds character and warmth.

              Don't stop with artwork you find. You can easily create your own art and display your photos for a memorable and personalized piece. 

              Try engineered prints of the kids or of scenic vacation spots (and put those breathtaking photos you haven't gotten around to printing yet to good use!).

              Gallery photo walls look high-end when the frames are minimal, include mats, and are uniform in size.

              These don't need to only be of photographs either. Create a vision board wall full of inspirational and affirming prints.

              Remember to also think outside the frame. Textile art and large coffee table books with beautiful photography add personality and interest.

              Make Your Home Look Rich On A Budget

              More Metallics

              Bring the sparkle to your space.

              Embellish by incorporating pops of metallic accents. Vases, candles, accent tables, picture frames, lighting and hardware in metallic finishes add a much needed layer of dimension.

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              How to decorate a home that feels expensive on a budget

              Eliminate to Elevate

              Finally, it will come as no surprise that keeping your home clear of clutter is essential to its perceived value.

              If you can do one thing now to quickly and effectively level-up your space, clear your surfaces of as much as possible and your home will instantly feel more expensive. I find it easiest to gather all of the things into a container and sort through it later.

              When deciding on storage solutions, solid surfaces FTW.  This way items have a designated place to land and also are not in view.

              For example, rather than a tray for mail (where it is always visible), go with the option where the mail is out of sight. Choose closed storage over open shelving in the kids' area.

              In the entryway, set the tone for your polished home by investing in a piece that will hide the shoes completely (bonus! it's sleek, beautiful and functional).

              You'll notice your energy change with the visual bombardment removed. Exhale, both you and your house can breathe a little better.

              Making your abode more abundant without breaking the bank is possible.

              Implement the tips above and you'll soon be impressed to be living in a home with a designer feel.


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              How to Make Your Home Look Expensive on a Budget DIY Decor Tips


              Take Inspired Action

              Get inspired with images of rooms you'd like to replicate. Then, head to your TJ Maxx Home Goods or if you prefer to shop online, check out CB2 or West Elm.

              Flip through magazines or books or search Pinterest to find beautifully designed rooms that resonate with you.

              Are there any tips you swear by to make your space feel swanky? Let me know in the comments!

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