5 Ways to Make Over Your Money Mindset: Stop Saving, Start Creating Wealth

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Legal Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. The advice given is not financial advice nor is it to be interpreted as promising results—financially or otherwise. Please consult a professional licensed financial advisor. Okay, now on to why you're here!

If you want to become rich and be the wealthy woman you know you're meant to be, stop focusing on ways to save money and start making money—build your wealth instead.

Becoming financially free starts with a healthy money mindset as the foundation. Use these 5 tips to flip the script so you can align your income with your high-value identity and start earning a lot more. 

1. Shift your thinking: makeover your money mindset

This is key to unlocking the wealth that's meant for you.

You have one brain and 24 hours in a day. Consider how much time you spend thinking about saving money, chasing sales, pinning, or researching tips on how to save more money, clipping coupons, and adding coupons to your phone.

How about worrying about having enough money, is this an all too familiar thought?

Now, picture your energy gas tank going down in proportion to these efforts. 

Don't get me wrong—I love a good sale. The high of finding something at a great deal is one of my favorite things. Although I can't deny the red sticker is the trigger for the purchase and oftentimes the purchase is made out of impulse and not intentionality (one more pack of cute cards from Target's dollar section couldn't hurt, right?). 

When you're focused primarily on saving money and have anxiety around financial stability, you are in a scarcity frame of mind.

The very practice is driven by holding onto what currently is—the amount of money coming in.

What if instead of pouring energy into figuring out how not to lose it, you decided to redirect your attention and focus on making more of it? 

Money Mindset Makeover for Women Make More Money Create and Build Wealth Scarcity vs Abundance Mindset

This is not to say saving is unimportant—on the contrary, being financially responsible and following sound money management strategies is vital for building wealth.

The main distinction to make here is the source of what's behind the behavior.

Check-in with your intention and the energy in which you approach your finances. Is there a guiding principle of fear? If so, it may be a sign of a scarcity mindset. 

2. Decide it is available to you

Regardless of your circumstances, past, ethnicity, current situation, or relationship with money, I want you to know abundant wealth is available to you.

It may feel extremely uncomfortable or unfamiliar to even entertain this thought. But you must do more than entertain it—you must believe it.  Without this conviction, you cannot become wealthy.

Self-made millionaires did not get rich because they are somehow superior to you in their abilities, resources, or connections. There was a time in their lives when they did not have financial freedom.

These now-millionaire women decided abundance was available to them and made intentional choices in alignment with this belief.

They took consistent and deliberate action. They manifested it. 

Similarly, your current financial position is a direct reflection of your ingrained beliefs and your corresponding choices.

It's likely you have a generation of women that came before you with similar ingrained beliefs.

When you were a child, your parents passed on belief systems about money. How abundant or scarce it is, what it takes to get it and keep it, what it costs (in terms of health and its impact on relationships) and labels or judgments about people who have money and people who don't have money. 

Break free of the sabotaging limiting beliefs placed upon you.

There is more than enough money to go around and you have all that is required within you to attract wealth beyond your wildest dreams. 

Make Money Women Saving Money Build Wealth Become Rich Money Mindset

3. Create space 

Now that you are self-aware of your scarcity mindset and have decided you'd rather open yourself up to generating wealth, you must create the space in your life to uncover additional fear-driven behaviors.

Identify and evaluate the ways in which limiting beliefs have been getting in the way of your ability to receive. 

Put your phone in another room to be with your thoughts or free write in a journal or an uninterrupted 20 minutes (or more). Observe your thinking without judgment.

Realize you are not your thoughts. You've thought things for so long they have become your beliefs. But, they can be changed.  

As you spend distraction-free time with yourself, you'll begin to tune into and strengthen your intuition.

This still small voice will reveal to you how you may be living out of integrity and remind you of your unexpressed gifts and desires. New creative ideas will begin to fill your mind as you lean into your authenticity. 

Allow yourself to think of what's possible for you. Imagine your dream life surrounded by abundance in all areas—financially, relationally, spiritually, and physically. Don't hold back. Picture in full detail what your wealthy life would look like. 

Write down what comes to mind. Be as specific as possible. What kind of house do you live in? What does the street look like? What car are you driving? How are you spending your days? How much money do you earn each month?

These are your goals. In other words, this is your WHY

Revisited daily, your goals will serve to motivate you to keep showing up on your journey to becoming financially free. Bonus—you will naturally spend less on the things that aren't bringing you closer to your goals.

4. Invest in yourself 

So far, your mind has only known the habitual reactive patterns that have been holding you back. It will produce thoughts that are meant to keep you "safe", to keep you in your comfort zone. No growth of any kind will happen in that place.

The comfort zone is where dreams go to die. 

In order to rewire your brain to think like a millionaire, you must replace your current thoughts with those of a millionaire.

As with learning any new skill, reorienting your thinking will take a consistent and deliberate effort. Give it wholesome and expansive brainfood to focus on. 

For example:

money mindset affirmations I am a money magnet vision board print

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5. Act as if 

Your actions up until now have gotten you to where you are. Now that you're in a place where you're ready to level up, you must do the things that are aligned with the millionaire version of yourself. 

Nothing changes if nothing changes. 

Back to imagining yourself in the future having achieved the level of wealth you know you're capable of. How would that version of you show up every single day? How would she think, speak, walk and behave? What would she do? What would she not do? How would she present herself? 

Take a pause in every moment and with every thought, become intentional about responding from a place of faith over fear. 

In other words, make the choices your millionaire self would make.

Her decisions would reflect confidence in her abilities and security in knowing she will always have all she needs without having to prove her worth, hustle, or control.

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Bringing it all together

Financial independence can be yours. It all starts in your mind.

Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right. 

— Henry Ford

You were meant to be an abundantly wealthy woman.

You may have underlying limiting beliefs around money that have prevented you from thinking big.

It's time for you to change the financial trajectory of the rest of your life. 

You can decide in this very moment to shift your focus and start showing up as the highest and richest version of yourself. 

Don't wait for someone to give you permission to step into your personal power.  Just claim it. Then, start thinking and acting accordingly. 

With practice, determination, and faith you will rewrite your money story. Let me know in the comments whether you're ready to join me in saying no to clipping coupons and saying yes to becoming a millionaire. 

You are a high-value woman with something of value to contribute.

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