Mood Booster Playlists: Good Feels Comin' Up

You know what's better than doing all the things? Listening to good music while doing all of the things. 

Boost your mood and level-up your driving, cleaning, getting ready, making dinner, <insert anything here> and you'll be vibrating at a new frequency in no time.

You are beautiful, capable and worthy of all of the things.

These playlists will put you in a good head space and a feelin' yourself kind of mood.

 Press ▶️ on abundance.

Mood Booster Playlist

Some songs have adult language, you may not want to play them with the kids around.

Mood: Unstoppable

Just a badass super human woman slaying her day.

Mood Booster Playlist: Unstoppable


Mood: Wealthy

You are a money magnet. Make that money, honey. 

 Mood Booster Playlist


Mood: Lux

Bougie beats. Because luxury is your spirit animal.

 Mood Booster Playlist: Lux


Mood: Royalty

Wear your crown and radiate that queen energy.

Mood Booster Playlist: Royalty
Make these playlists part of your morning routine, workout or lunch break and feel all of the empowering confidence feels.

Now that you have been reminded of who you who you are, go get it, girl.

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You are a high value woman with something of value to contribute.

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