Do You Feel You Are Enough? How to Know

You are enough.

You were brought into this world knowing you are enough. Yet, somewhere along the way you were made to feel less than.

The little girl abundant in confidence and joy is within you.

Remember. Remember how you once felt before the doubting, before the lacking.

You may feel you are not enough if... 

  • You are trying to prove your worth

  • You are constantly in an imposter syndrome state of mind

  • You avert your eyes when speaking to others and feel disconnected or in your head

  • You shy away from expressing your desires

  • You are neglecting your self care

  • You feel out of alignment, stagnant and small

        Once you decide you are enough, you will open yourself up to abundance

        • You will be relaxed in your authenticity and feel a deep sense of self worth

        • You will be proud of what you have to offer and secure in your innate value as the woman you are, just as you are 

        • You will have confidence in the words you speak and be fully present and engaged when carrying a conversation

        • You will honor your gifts by choosing to lean into your intuition, take risks and pursue your dreams 

        • You will take excellent care of yourself so that you can show up at your best for yourself and others

        • Your thoughts, beliefs, words and actions will be in alignment with the highest you

        I am enough

        The most significant piece is realizing you have the belief you are not enough. The best news is it is just a belief. It is not the truth.

        You can decide to replace it with the opposite belief.

        This is incredibly empowering—to know you can take ownership of what has been holding you back from living your best life. 

        You are loved
        You are capable
        You are beautiful
        You are whole
        You are abundant
        You are highly favored
        You were, are, and will always be enough as you are.
        Practice choosing enoughness daily and you will build evidence to support your new belief.

        You will astonish yourself with the energy of enough

        You are a high value woman with something of value to contribute.

        Take Inspired Action: 

        • Where have you felt you are not enough?

        • What happened in the past that made you feel you are not enough?

        • How can you begin showing up once you decide you are enough? 

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