Who, What, Woo?

Empowering mothers to act as if

For moms meant for millions

Double your income and look like a millionaire along the way to becoming. Glow up your look. Glow up your life.

Raise a generation of girls who honor their intuition and worth.


Are you ready to step into your high value self and monetize your gifts?

Awaken to your purpose, make good money doing it and look amazing in the process. 

Here you’ll find content and products in support of your journey to rediscovering (or newly stepping into) your personal power. 

If you feel you have lost touch with yourself and are living in misalignment, if you are ready to remove the barriers between what is and what could be, you’ve come to the right place.

Bridge the gap.

Learn strategies in support of choosing quality thoughts and things in living an outrageously abundant aligned life.

Walk out the calling you know is meant for you. The best way to teach your girls to be authentic and courageous is to lead by example. 

You are more than a mother.

You are a high value woman with something of value to contribute.


MANIFE$TING MINE is a place for women to reconnect with their abundant, highest selves—because there is beauty to be found in the becoming.

Cultivate your high value identity and create an environment to match.

The Blog

  • Woo-la-la: Upgrading your environment doesn't mean spending more or even spending at all.

    Hone your high value aesthetic.  Find beauty and joy in life's little luxuries while learning to be discerning with your purchases. When you choose to surround yourself with quality over quantity, you will feel abundant. 


Create an environment that reflects your high-value vibes.  Find inspirational self-love and abundance affirmations and a curated collection of clothing to help you feel your best.

Imagine the highest version of yourself and start showing up as her.

 Dwell in possibility

– Emily Dickinson

What's with the "Woo"? 

Women who Woo are women who know they have only yet scratched the surface of becoming and doing all they are meant to.

  • They have gratitude for where they are yet are pregnant with dreams.

  • They have a deep desire to create their best life and know it starts with their mindset.

  • They make time to Woo themselves so they can show up in the fullness of their authenticity.

  • They make a point to tune into the richness of every day life and are intentional with creating more of it.

  • They embrace their humanness and honor their reality in pursuit of their best selves. 

  • In the process, they become who they were created to be and experience the abundance that is theirs

May you leave here awakened to your abundance and empowered to bring your visions to life. 

Cheers to your life well manifested!


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